My Family History Is Not The Truth Essay

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Many things can be said with words, but words don’t ever tell a story to its truest detail. They leave the story to be interpreted in different ways. And eventually over time, over many generations, the story gradually changes. Detail are forgotten, details are mistaken, details are changed. And when all is said and done the story, the reality that is true and pure, is no more. Replacing it is a new story, a second edition of the same history. It’s the same general story at heart but it’s not the truth. It is safe to say that all history is not the truth, surely some things have been changed. My family history is no exception. The real truth may not be known at all, but many things are known, enough for it to be reconstruct, to be restored piece by piece, memory by memory. According to my aunt Jill, who is very interested in history, the Livingston name goes back many centuries. Livingston is a surname with a number of origins. The name itself originated in Scotland, but my strain of Livingstons immigrated from Ireland. Many US presidents have ancestry in the Livingstons and a Livingston even signed the Declaration of Independence. In the accounts of book written by my late great aunt Mary, my family’s story begins in Scotland, where David and Margret Livingston we born. The year of their births and deaths are unknown, but what is known that after they were married they moved to Kurk, Ireland. The reason of their move is truly unknown but it

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