My Family, Identity, And Cultural Backgrounds Of Identity And History

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Identity and History
I identify as a Caucasian woman, with a cultural background predominantly of Italian and Irish descent. I grew up in Portland, Maine. My immediate family consisted of my mother, a father who was never present, one older brother, and one younger brother. My mother worked at an insurance agency my entire life and raised her three children by herself, while my father spent his life incarcerated for domestic violence and other various felony chargers. Yet my mother still believed in raising us with his Italian heritage.
My mother worked hard to ensure we had everything we needed, without a single complaint about how tired or stressed out she was. Every night no matter how tired my mother was from work she would cook us big Italian meals. We would sit at the table, say a prayer, eat our meals and discuss our days. Any day my mother had off the four of us would spend together. It would generally consist of playing on the playground, apple picking, or board games in the fall. Sledding and ice skating in the winter. Riding our bike and exploring forts in the spring and going to the beach or walking trails in the summer.
When I was 10 years old my mom began going on dates again, after a few dates she finally met my step dad. My brothers and I were very protective of our mother so naturally it took us a while to accept him into our family. My acceptance of him occurred when my step dad sitting high up on the bleacher waiting for my field hockey game to start. The
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