My Family Identity

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Anyone who is close to me knows that two of the most prevalent things about my personality is my pride for my family heritage and my aspirations for the future. In this essay, I will be sharing information about those two topics, but also my journey of faith. Devoting a paragraph or two to each of these, I will go into detail about how each has shaped/will shape me as an individual.

Before we dive in, some facts about me. Born in March 2003, I was a late winter baby. I have lived in the same house my whole life, a condominium owned by my family in Raymond. I live with my parents, my younger brother, Cody, and our two dogs, Miko and Chewey. I have gone to Mount Zion for four years now, the best four years I could have wished for. I have
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Over the years this family has formed a close-knit group and shared many fond memories. Things like going to Canada and racing milk carton boats down the river, or doing “spy training” on playground equipment with my cousins. But as we have grown up, we have drifted apart some because of how my personality has changed. The part of me who loved dress up, cooking, and crafts is gone, along with the person I was then. I have grown into a new, better version of myself, and I have bonded with new people, who share my current interests. Things like photography, writing, music, education, and fashion. Another thing that has weakened our bond is our different spiritual lives. My mother’s side is very religious and I wouldn’t say I’m as “far along” in my Christianity than my family.

I have grown up in a devout Christian home and religion has been pushed on me for as long as I remember. I have said “the prayer” multiple times, but I have never done anything else it takes to be a Christian, like implement my faith into my life. Faith and daily life have always been two separate aspects. I know eventually I have to make the choice to devote my life to God, or to have nothing to do with Him, but I am not ready to make that choice yet.

Along with making that choice in the future, I have to decide what I want to do with my life. Starting freshman year has been frightening because it means the next few years can determine the rest of my life. After high school, my dream would
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