My Family Influence

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My family has influenced/impacted me my whole life. Being as both my parents were born in Mexico then coming to the “North” to seek a better life not only for themselves but for what would be their future family. My parents have worked hard all throughout their lives and have shown/taught me that, “in this hard cruel world if you/(or “I”) want to make a name for yourself/(“myself”) , you/(“I”) must/HAVE to work for it.” Their struggle of working countless days, coming home late after taking an extra shift, for the sole benefit of knowing that I shall will receive a better life has opened up my eyes and has made me cherish their countless days and nights of hard work and the sacrifices that those hardships upholded to promptly allow me to obtain a better education opportunity, and evidently give my future family an even better life than mine. The only request for which my parents have entitled upon me, is to someday make something of myself. Not having any requisitions as to what ( career my future holds for me) I must do/become (career wise)|, all my parents asked of me is that I make a name for myself somewhere. By witnessing the hardships both my parents have endured, I vowed that I would not take their sacrifices for granted and I would evidently achieve what they initially requested of me. I would/will succeed in any way possible and make my parents proud and lift the pressure of the burden from which I have caused due to the hardships taken to promptly apply to my
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