My Family Influence My Identity

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Personality acts like a sponge; it absorbs whatever liquids, clean or dirty, in its vicinity. Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences create one’s characteristics whether one likes it or not. For example, my friends influence my academics, my family influences my lifestyle, and my life experiences influence my identity. For these reasons, I am the product of my experiences and the people I know.

Firstly, my friends have undoubtedly influenced my life for the better. For instance, they would often assist me in projects, homeworks, or questions that I needed help with. They would also give their feedback on areas that needed improvement or revision. Additionally, my friends press me to achieve better experiences. As a result, I took honours classes, took A.P courses, and learned French in school, which au contraire would not have been possible without their persuasion and guidance. To sum up, my friends help me do well in academics and discover new experiences that influence my academic life.

In the same way, my family had a positive significant influence in my life. For example, my family aided me on obtaining a part-time job. Since I am lazy, I despise work. However, I reevaluated my mindset once my parents discussed to me the benefits of working, such as being able to earn one’s money. Also, my sister provided me guidance and tips on the “do’s and don’ts” in a resumé, reference letter, job interview, and many other job requirements. Similarly, my family also
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