My Family Influences On Family And Social Media

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A lot of people’s political beliefs and behaviors are influenced by their parents when they are children and when they’re in school. What influences me is my family and social media. My family influences, for the reasonable reasons why they behave the way they do towards government and social media, for it gives me the different point of view of people all over the country. This is similar to what was described in class and in the textbook because both discussed that mass media are the “new parent”. Also that if the parents are involved in politics there would be a likely chance that the child will too, while, it’s growing up. In chapter six: Public Opinion and Political Action, in section two, it says that “[There is] no difference between age groups in the frequency of following politics through the media”. This shows that mass media is an influence in a lot of people in the way they can behave towards politics and that “Young people will vote simply by knowing the party identification of their parents”. This shows that young adults are always influenced by their parents on their way of thinking and behaving towards things or people. My first political memory was when Barack Obama was in the white house. I remember when he was giving a speech and hearing my aunt say that he a was a decent president while I was eating my cereal. While most people Identify themselves as democrats or republicans, I identify myself as an independent. I have formed this political

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