My Family Is Like The Phoenix Our Personalities Are Born From Travesties

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My family is like the phoenix our personalities are born from travesties. “Obstacles can 't stop you, problems can 't stop you, most of all people can 't stop you, the only one who stops you is yourself.”( anonymous) My definition for perseverance is to keep going through the hardest times in one 's life. All the people I know that are kin to me practice steadfastness no matter difficulty or delay in achieving success or perseverance is how to live life. I interviewed three people: my dad, mom, my mom 's dad, and myself. The people of my my kin are extremely persistent and resilient. The hardest time in my father’s life was probably childhood. After his mom died when he was 12, my father took care of his brother as if he was his child. As…show more content…
Until now and still is going he had a tough life, but persevered through it. Ingram is my grandfather, and his father wouldn’t come home much, but when he did, he brought a smile home with him. His father would bring ordinary clothes for work which was the coal mining. At the coal mines there was a bath house so My great grandfather would be clean when he came home. Otherwise, he was as black as coal. My grandfather’s mother was a hard working, strong lady. She taught him to be in charge of his chores and to be thrifty. No one had money he grew up where. He and his brother Forrest had a bike, and a TV when he was a junior in high school. In middle school his mother said she wanted them to attend college. “Too poor to paint, too proud to whitewash, and too nervous to steal...and to lazy to work, ” said my grandfather, although he still went to college. Before his brother and he would even think of college, they would earn money by applying for odd jobs from here to there. Couldn’t afford college, so he made O.K. grades and was recruited him to Marion Baptist College and received a scholarship while working on campus. Was hired at a job at the church and worked on weekends and visited the sick and elderly. He liked Duke and they gave a nice tuition. Ingram had a supportive wife that would help if he left for work or school.Trying to send his own kids to
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