My Family Is The Most Important To Me

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Some things that are extremely important to me are my family, friends, and mentors, which is why they have some of the biggest pictures in my visual representation. On the left side of my head includes our most recent family photo, including my mom, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. We took them on a family vacation and my older brother could not come, so he is not in the picture. For a period of time my family and I constantly had conflict ,but now I do not remember the last time someone was mad at another in my house. The next important person in my life shown next to my family is my boyfriend. He was considered one of my best friends years before my boyfriend, and I truly believe his role as best friend is much more important. Under my family is a picture of myself and another of my best friends about to leave for vacation. This summer we went on a Seven Day cruise to Mexico, Jamaica, and Haiti. I have a passion for traveling and this often comes through in my creative writing. In my visual representation there is another picture of my friends and I, and underneath that is the first person I consider a mentor. Mr. Tony works for the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield, where I have attended for 10 years now. The past 3 years that I have known Tony he has provided me with guidance, whether that be for school, relationships, or stressful situations. Through my early teens to now, I cherish our relationship greatly. The next mentors in my life are my softball coaches
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