My Family Monologue

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The following school day was, but for the occasional joke from the class clown, astoundingly uneventful. It was that night as I finished my math homework that my phone buzzed startlingly on the table next to me. I picked it up only to have my phone buzz again in my hands. Richie: You promised you 'd come Richie: I 'm on my way Richie: Would throw rocks at your window, but I 'm trying this new thing where I do what I can to avoid being a cliche Richie: Now knocking at your door, wondering what to expect I read each message as it popped up, my mouth becoming more of an O with each one. In accordance with Richie 's (Charlie 's??) texts, I heard a knock at the door and mom 's appalled reaction as Richie greeted, "Hello, Mrs. James. I 'm…show more content…
I was afraid she 'd never learn to meet new people. I tried telling her to look outside of her comfort zone, you know, but she 's a stubborn one! How did you and Mallory come to be partners?!" she rambled on seemingly endlessly. "MOM!" I tried shooting her a warning before Richie was forced to reply, but he seemed more than happy to oblige. "Actually, Mrs. James, it was I who found it hard to talk to Mallory. She 's just always been so fierce, independent, and intelligent, and she has such concern for others as opposed to herself; I 've always felt so unworthy in her presence, but then Eric introduced us, and Mallory admitted that she was in need of a new psychology partner because Leya had decided that she wanted to instead work with her boyfriend Jonas so long as all of that was okay with Mal. And, of course, Mal, being her loving self, agreed to the plan, and here we are now. I really wish that your daughter had spoken to me earlier; I am utterly amazed at how much I managed to miss out on when it comes to her. She 's shown me things in the past few days that I never knew about and probably still wouldn 't know about for multiple years to come had she not come into my life. Whatever you did, you did it exceptionally well, Mrs. James," he praised, piercing me with a brown-eyed gaze that 's meaning I couldn 't quite peg down. My mother nearly had a fit. "Oh, don 't be nonsensical, Richie! Call me Elaine! I am just so thrilled to discover that you and Mallory

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