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My Crazy Family
“And he will be missed” We went to New Mexico a few years ago for my uncle James’ funeral and this is how they ended it.. It wasn’t much of a funeral because it was at the Moose Lodge. This is sort of like a pub bar thing. It had shuffleboard and pool but we aren’t aloud to get the pieces for it because we weren’t of age to go up to the bar. They had people food and they had an open bar and a shot in front of his ashes. “He looks a little dry, should I give him the shot?” My mom asked my uncle Jackie, all us thought she was funny, Jackie, Val, and Charlie didn’t seem to think she was funny. So my sisters Hayley and Mikayla, my cousins Heather Grace and Victoria, my cousin’s husband David, her step son Zay, and me played shuffle board the whole time we were there. When we left we went back to my aunt’s ex-husband’s,Joe, house because that was where we were staying. The 6 adults were outside while us 5 kids were inside playing games. They were there all night and when they finally left my sisters and Victoria watched The Breakfast Club, I was out like a light that night. When we woke up the next day my dad had already been to the gas station to pick up coffee because Joe doesn’t have a coffee maker which was problem for my family. After everyone was finally ready, we went over to my uncle Steve’s “house”, it is a mobile home. WE spent the morning there, we even got to take a few of my uncle James’ pocket knives, I took like 3, he made them all the time
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