My Family, My Dad Essay

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My immediate family is rather small, it consists of my Dad age 55, my Mom age 60 and myself age 21. All three of us are Caucasian. My Mom and Dad got married when they were much older, and they did not have me until they were 40 years of age. They are a little more traditional and they each take on their own roles in the family along with myself. My mother works Monday to Friday however she is the one who cooks the meals every evening, the one who cleans the house, does laundry and does the grocery shopping. My Dad works a longer day and makes the majority of our household income. He comes home and enjoys his evening watching the news and then sports. I go to school, work, and then I come home to a home cooked meal, and a clean house. The boundaries are fairly rigid in my household, my dad mostly stays away from the cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning as that is my mother’s role in the house and as much as she can complain about it I do believe she would be lost without it. There are only two subsystems identified in my family, they would be husband-wife, and parent-child.
External Structure
The external structure falls into two subcategories which consists of the extended family and large systems.
Extended Family
My mothers extended family consists of her father Borden who died at the age of 70 from Alzheimer’s. Her mother who still lives on her own in Halifax at the age of 92 with no major health concerns. She also has two sisters Beverly 65 who lives in Halifax and
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