My Family : My Father 's Dad

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I only know my history through pictures of what I have seen. The only picture that I did not know was my father’s dad. My father’s dad pasted away before I was born. My mom as a kid went to church and so did my aunt. I haven’t really been in a church other than Christmas and Easter or when I used to visit my Aunt Karen. But she passed away too soon. Most are from family members I know. I grew up really close to my family. They helped me be who I am today because of how we interacted together and how happy they made me. I liked that we had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins a lot. At least see once a week. I liked that we did stuff outside of the house. Sometimes as a child I thought they were mini adventures. My family and friends…show more content…
These three traditions are very important to me because it has always been a part of me. I haven’t experienced anyone different traditions yet. We celebrate birthdays for very close family. I plan on carrying many of these and maybe add some because I want my children to know other life styles instead of just one. I will decide later in life because I am not even in a relationship yet. Traditions also have to do with the other person as well. So you may get more anyways. My family members even if I didn’t do one of the traditions they probably wont not even mind it at all. Though they might be sad maybe upset, they will forgive me. Traditions change over time, so why would they be sad or upset. I mean if I chose to do something a little different in the tradition then why it should matter to my family. By then I will be leaving alone with someone. I believe that traditions should be the way the person wants it not their family members. I mean we should have a say in our own lives to celebrate traditions.
I haven’t really experienced much, other than education and first few jobs. I experienced singing in chorus in school. I experienced how to deal with bullying in school. I experience many different things during school. At home I experience many fun things. For example, hanging with family, going out to eat and going to places. I experienced taking care of a cat. I also experienced volunteering in many different places. I interact
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