My Family : My Life And Freedom To Life

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Freedom to life, liberty, and the right to pursue happiness. These are the things that people came looking for in America. Some lost their lives trying to achieve their goals in the new world. But some continued to prosper and live on. These people are the ones I call family. Through thick and through thin, rain or shine, they will be there to fight by your side. Family is what I consider home, so looking into the past about how my home came to be, I can learn many things about how I am where I am now.
On the paternal side of my family, the furthest we can trace back to would be my great-great Grandpa John Ira Hawley. He was born on March seventeenth, eighteen fifty, in Forest Grove Oregon and ended up married to Eleanor Francis Stephens by eighteen ninety-six. It is not clear where or how they met, as Eleanor was born in Missoula, Montana, but they did end up moving to Seattle Washington. At this time, Seattle was becoming well known for its growing trade, the increase in the lumber and coal industry, and its uprising fishing spot title. Many people moved there in hopes of making money and establishing a life for their family. Together, they had twelve children within a twenty-two-year timeline. They had a child named Dawn who was born on April twenty-ninth in eighteen ninety-nine. At the time, his mother would have been only twenty-one while his dad would be forty-one. Dawn married three times and had two daughters with his last wife, Josephine Ann Barnham. Josephine's
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