My Family, My Mother, And My Father

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Although both my parents are from different parts of the world, I consider myself extremely Americanized. My mother, from China, and my father, from Malaysia, were both raised in America. Both my grandparents were strict and traditional. They passed on their values and beliefs to my parents; however, my parents did not believe in those values, so, they did not pass these values on to my brother and me. I have lived a very privileged life compared to my parents and cannot fathom living the way they had. This past summer, we learned that my father’s brother was getting married, and we were all expected to travel to Malaysia. So, my father planned a family vacation to go to Malaysia. Never did I think that a simple summer vacation trip could change my life. Upon arriving in Malaysia, we are greeted by tons of family members. They feed each of us Kuih Lapis, one of Malaysia’s famous sweets. I am so overwhelmed by all the love that we were shown. Family that I have never met, or have even seen in so long, was offering to help us and drive us everywhere. We step out of the Kuala Lumpur international airport, and are greeted by my uncle in a rusty white Toyota hatchback. Were we all expected to fit in there? Especially with our luggage? My parents, brother and I, all get into the car and are driven to our destination. Very quickly, the city life turns into the rural, impoverished area of Malaysia. This is not what I recall seeing when I “googled” pictures. In fact, this is the

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