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Introduction A person’s family of original is their family he or she grew up in (Welch). This could be a family someone was brought up in or adopted into (Welch). In my case, my family of origin is my family related by blood because I grew up in this household my entire life. There are many types of subfamilies such as single parent families, childless or childfree families, stepfamilies, cohabiting, and same sex families. I was raised in a traditional family and so have all my ancestors tracing back to the family genogram.

The framework of my family of origin In the genogram of my family of origin, it traces back to four generations. Within these four generations, all my relatives had traditional marriages. Specifically, monogamy marriage types, which are two person marriages (Welch). Starting off, my own immediate family consists of my two younger sisters, mother, and father. I am the oldest at the age of 18 while my two younger sisters are 5 and 13. My mother is 46 and my father is 54 years old. My siblings are students with bubbly and energetic personality traits. They can be fun but also super shy and conservative at times, which also rubs off on me. My mother is extremely hardworking, caring, and kind. She has worked multiple different jobs over the years to help support our family financially. According to the text, more and more women, rather than men are becoming the primary financial supporters of modern day families (Welch). In America, more than 71% of…

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