My Family - Original Writing

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I was a young girl living in Lynwood, California with my parents, two brothers and one sister. My family was very close to each other, my neighbors were my three cousins. We were always outside playing soccer and told each other scary stories to see who was the scary cat of us all. Ever morning we walked to school with our ziplock bags with cereal and milk. Being just a little kid it never came to mind being apart from my cousins. Los Angeles is a very crowded ,fast living place to live in, and extremely expensive in cost of living. My mother was a single parent she couldn’t handle the bills by herself, my dad was always out doing nothing but good. My mother felt like she needed to make a change in her life and ours of course. That’s how it all started my mother was tired of living the same routine everyday. She one day came across a close friend who was telling her how happy she was to be out of Los Angeles with her new career. A new job was offered to my mother in Coalinga so she agreed. Then, it hit me that we were going to have to move, but I was barely going to enter second grade and even a chance to get the same class with one of my cousins. I couldn’t imagine living 4 hours away from my family. That’s all I had at school my three cousin’s who were my only friends. I remember my mom coming into my room and telling that moving was going to be a better opportunity for us to have a brighter future also, that we were going to get a huge house. But I knew a huge house

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