My Family - Original Writing Essay

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I will never forget the day I walked downstairs at two in the morning. I stood in the doorway of my parent’s bedroom watching my parents crying their eyes out while yelling at my sister. "How could this happen to you? Why did you want to do this? Why did I get a call from the cops at two in the morning saying that you were thinking about killing yourself," my mom yells, fiercely shaking in fear. "I hate my life," my sister screams back at them practically swimming in her own tears. By this point, both of my brothers have awoken and are now standing alongside me witnessing this heartbreaking scene. "But why Casey," my dad softly says, trying to hold it together. My sister begins to yell again, "Because people are constantly texting me making fun of me, telling me I 'm a whore and saying that I should just kill myself because no one actually likes me." As soon as she finishes her sentence my Mom drops to the floor crying. I along with my other brother immediately start crying as well. The only thought that came to my head is why would someone as perfect as she, hate her life so much to want to end it. To better understand cyber bullying, it 's crucial to look at the causes and effects it has on teenagers. Teens cyber bully other teens because they want to feel in power. Bullies start out by feeling nothing, but when they begin to threaten or hurt someone else they feel like somebody. They want to make others fear them in hope that they will have control over them. These types

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