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I was raised in Jellico, Tennessee, a quaint town bordering Kentucky with my parents, and three older sisters. My family was extremely religious up until I was nearly a teenager. My family attended church every week, in addition to leading the church youth group. One would be under the impression that the Hughes family was an exceedingly wholesome family that did little wrong, I was under this impression also. Being a white family in an old-fashioned town in both the south and the bible belt, this was not completely accurate. When I was still a young child, no older than ten, my paternal uncle taught myself and my youngest sister a derogatory noun that referenced to those descending from Africa. My sister and I, being children that had not learned right from wrong, repeated this word. I quickly realized that I was not scolded by my parents or older siblings for using this word, as I was for saying less harmful words such as “crap,” “fool,” “darn,” and “jerk.” Due to this, I was under the impression for multiple years that this word was inoffensive to any person. Soon I learned that this word was suitable for both home and school. Multiple classmates used the word often, and teachers either never noticed, or simply overlooked it. Ten years later, I am completely aware, no thanks to my family, that that word is unacceptable, and should never be repeated by a Caucasian person. Parents are not always aware of what is truly right for their children when it comes to how to treat…

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