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The date was October 30, 2006, a crisp but clear night in the streets of Waiuku. Our next door neighbours were having a Halloween gathering filled with drinks, an overload of food, and deafening music. Seeing as the neighbours were also my mum’s mum and her sister, a whole heap of my extended family were there. This included my cousins Grace and Mark, their parents, a few distant family members, and some I hadn’t even met before. Even though the house was overcrowded, I had a lot of fun.

Soon it was getting late, and the adults were starting to get tipsy. Me, my sister, and my other cousins headed back to my house where we played with fake blood and makeup in our confined, second floor bathroom.

My sister Ruby, aged 11 at the time, was chosen to be the babysitter of us three little kids. (Mark and I were nine, and Grace was six). Ruby painted Mark 's face while Grace and I watched from the side-lines. After that, Ruby painted my face into a dog. While Grace was getting her face painted, I sat in front of the doorway since it was the only place a chair could fit in. It was shaping up to be an awesome night, and I knew that I was never going to forget it.

So now we get to the scary part...

From the doorway of our bathroom, you could see the front entrance of the house. As it was a crisp night after a hot day, we decided to leave the door open so that it would let in a breeze. We had no clue that it would also let in in intruder.

The pupils of my eyes grew at the

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