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Where was I expected to go now that my father no longer wanted me living in his house? I remember asking myself this question over and over. I had just been dropped off, back in my home town, at my grandparent’s house after a long and excruciatingly quiet car ride. I had sat in the backseat of my father’s SUV, not a single word spoken between us. The entire time all I had to think about was where I would go once we arrive at our destination. I can’t stay with my grandparent’s for the next two years while I’m finishing high school, and there was no way I was going to return to his house if I was just going to be forced to leave again. I unwelcome there, so I knew that I would be living with my mother by the time school started, which was great, except for the fact that nothing is ever permanent with her. Spending time with her on the weekends as a child I remember it always seemed like she was at a different house, living with another friend, or back staying in the spare bedroom at my grandparent’s. It was always unknown to me where I was going to be going when I stayed with her. Half-way through her college career I was born, so her only choice was to quit school and get whatever job she could, in the hopes that one day she would be able to go back and earn her degree. I never realized the importance of attending college, neither one of my parents had attended or finished their higher education, all I heard about it was the debt I would accumulate if I decided to go to a

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