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Personal Reflection Paper
My family of origin is made up of the same people still in my life today. I am a part of a large family, and most us still live in the same city, therefore we are a big part of each other’s lives. My family consists of my Mother, 65 and Father, 67. I am the youngest of six children, with four brothers and one sister. My brothers from oldest to youngest are 43, 39,29, and 25 years old. My Sister is 31 and I am 21. My mother was a teacher for 35 years and is now retired, my dad still works as a Public works investigator, though will retire soon. Most of my siblings are all college educated and work in various professions. Overall, my family is a tight-knit middle-class African American family.
My paternal grandmother was diagnosed with cancer two and a half years ago, it was advanced and she battled the illness for over a year until she passed away in July 2016. My grandfather, her husband had long passed over 30 years ago, and they’d had fourteen children together. For my entire life, she has been the center of the entire family and the person who kept it together. I along with my siblings had never dealt with that type of loss ever before in our lives. Therefore, her death was a heavy blow to our family and an unprecedented stressor.
Using the ABC-X model of stress theory, my grandmother’s death was the negative stressor and major change that occurred in my family unit. Of course, this event is expected and a normative transition, but it was still

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