My Family Sociology Analysis

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My paper talks about the five general sociology concepts that I learned to using my family. I picked my family because I think they were the most relatable and easy group that would be more beneficial and knowledgeable to discuss regarding the concepts. My family consist of a father, mother, two boys, and a girl, not including me. My parents speak three languages and my siblings only speak one due to the language influence while they were in school. Culture is very important to my family not only the language, and attire but the values of what the culture teaches. Such as, the man being the head of the household and everything must run through him. The woman is taught to cook, clean and take care of the things inside the household. The kids…show more content…
You are not necessarily conforming into something negative nor positive. Assimilation means as minorities you adopt patterns of a dominant culture (Maconois, 2015, pp 351). Assimilation isn’t necessary a bad thing depending on what perspective you look at. In my family as my parents moved from Tanzania to the states they had to adapt to different things such as the driving, where in Africa we drive in the left side. The dress had to change for not only church but daily dress had to be modified. For church, usually the ladies would wear traditional attire which was a skirt or dress with a head wrap/hat and the men would wear the same thing. As seasons passed on while they were in the states they learned that it could get colder than when it rains, like snow and how you can no longer wear skirts or dress. Summary I think that this made me realize how things play an important role in our everyday life. After completing the social group analysis project, I was more aware of the importance of social groups and their role in society. My social group helped influence who I am today by navigating different challenged each day with a word of advice and encouragement. There is different concept that I have learned that really reflect my social group. Each of these concepts are being used every day, and without them society wouldn’t function the way it does today. What would society be if we remove the core of each
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