My Family Story : A Grandmother's Tale

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A Grandmother’s Tale
As I am listening on the phone to my family history learning where and who I come from, I suddenly realize why I am the way I am. I could imagine my grandmother looking out over the plantation at the sugarcane and soybean fields telling me about all the generations that grew up there. She was painting a clearer image of my ancestors as the minutes passed. The land has changed with time, as the lives of the many women who have lived there; however, their love for the land has endured. That love and passion has shaped my family into who we are today. Owning the Riverlake Plantation over the generations has given my family a chance to raise strong, independent people who will grow up to do something extraordinary with their life.
It all started with a woman named Mary Ann Flynn and a man named Charles Wilson. Mary Ann and Charles both lived in Ireland where they met and fell in love, which caused an unsolvable problem. He was Protestant and she was Catholic. Charles’ family would never allow him to marry Mary Ann because Catholics were considered the “lower class." Mary Ann and Charles both decided that they could not bear to break up, so they left everyone and everything behind and immigrated to America. Charles became a successful contractor, leaving the household in Mary Ann’s care.
Charles and Mary Ann eventually had a son, Alexander, who grew up to own a sugar plantation called Highland. He married my great-great-great grandmother, Nora Hogan. The
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