My Family Story

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This is a story about my sister Autumn having a baby boy named Steven. She lived in Jonesboro Arkansas with us all at home. Just her, my sister Breanna, my baby sister Jasmine, mom and dad. My mom is very kindhearted, enthusiastic, sweet, grateful, and caring. She is there to help us through everything. My dad is also as outstanding as my mom because he is very kind-hearted, courageous, strong, skillful, and extremely amusing. He is also there for everyone; makes the family smile, laughs, and cheering when we are down. He provides the truth through us even if it is not what we really want to hear, but that’s how our parents are, and always will be. But, besides our family, we lived in a big white house that didn’t have a really big yard, three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. And on the outside of the house in Jonesboro, it is really busy and lots of traffic but most of the traffic is at five o'clock rush hour. It is a really busy town and a big town. But It has always just been us and that is just the way we have always lived. I had my own room, my sister Breanna and Autumn shared a room because my sister Autumn decides she was going to be moving out soon, and my parents shared a room. And my baby sister put her stuff in there room to but my baby sister slept where ever she passed out at. Also, we would all just hang around have fun at the house and everything but then one day My oldest sister said she needed to talk to us that night so we all were in the

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