My Family : The Classical American Family

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My family is what many may coin as the “Classical American Family”. My mother is a school teacher, my father is a firefighter, and they had two boys, a true Levittown family. My mother and father were both born in New Jersey and moved to Florida when they were young. Once living in Florida they both happened to live in the same town, attended the same schools, and had inter-connected families, which lead to their eventual marriage. My father was pretty dead-set on becoming a firefighter, which he pursued out of high school while my mother briefly attended The University of Florida studying marketing. She later diverted from her path of marketing and became a school teacher. They later had two boys, one of which who is authoring this piece and the other of who is still attending high school. I spent my summer, mostly stressing about my future, oddly enough. I relished having this time to reflect and to plan out my future, although my disposition will most likely change in the coming years. In my leisure time I enjoy teaching myself new things, for example, I have been using this summer to learn coding and to polish my Danish language skills. On the other hand, one of my hobbies is computer gaming, it is one of the only ways that I can wind down and relieve built up stress. My friends would probably describe me as someone who is outspoken and does not fear the pain of criticism. I view my high school experience with indifference. Yes, I loved my experience and met a lot of

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