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I got up feeling a bit melancholy at the age of 11. I remember seeing my dad's truck pull down our driveway at a very early hour in the day. Oh wait, it was a Thursday, and if my mom noticed his predictable habit of coming home on Thursday mornings, nothing may have happened. It's so weird how that it was that long ago my mom finally decided to leave him, and yet he acts the exact same way he did then, if not worse than he does now.   I ran to the bathroom because I knew exactly what was going to happen. First my dad would ask why my mom's "friends" were going through all our stuff and bagging it. They would say they're helping her clean. He would nod and continue like a normal Thursday; make breakfast for himself then watch…show more content…
I couldn't and didn't tell anyone. Not even writing it down. I guess I really didn't believe it since she had mentioned it so many times before. So I told Jessica, she came over also in tears as we talked things over. We ordered Chinese food while everyone was packing for me, my dad even joined in. After that, I called Nicole to tell her, she set down the phone and I could hear crying in the background. "Uhm, maybe this is a bad time?"   After all was settled and my dad looked at us then slowly walked into the house, we were off to Sacramento. That day was the turning point for the next 8 months of my life. I never realized how much a divorce and/or separation could change a family so drastically. When my mom and her first husband divorced, I was only 3, and only remember flashes of them yelling and my dad's countless times of taking me into his car for a drive as my mom shouted at him to stay away from me.   One outcome of that day was my mom's need to always be gone. She didn't like being reminded of what she had to come home too; me, bills, pleading calls from my dad-- it had to be too much for her, so she was gone until at least ten every night. When she was home, she would watch TV up until 1-2 in the morning with me, then we both would go to bed. Sometimes, maybe once a month or so, she would take me to the mall or out to eat, to try and fix the fact that she was neglecting me I guess. She also grew very

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