My Family : The Influence On My Identity

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My family has been the largest influence on who I am today and my identity, as well as other factors that play a role in this like my gender, location and conflicts. I am not only a different person but I'm a better person. Many reasons contribute to this, like all the life lessons I learn from not only my family but my friends as well. Being bullied through all of middle school has impacted me in a couple ways. it was hard to trust people, to make or keep friends and just completely destroyed my self esteem. Now it may have been a horrible event that I went through, but in the long run, it actually helped make me who I am. Who is a person that feels stronger empathy for others and has a “Thick skin”. Adjusting to a new country, a new life and challenges, was a conflict that influenced me as well. I didn't feel like I belong, and I had a to live a completely different life style. There were many things I had to learn,a new language, a new school system, and a new culture. I overcame the challenges and despite how hard it was, I now know how to deal with new challenges. Living in St. Paul Minnesota does influence the way I am today. I have more freedom, more opportunities than people in many other countries.. I may have grown up most of my life in Minnesota but I lived for almost a year in the country I was born in, which is Mexico. I had the chance to experience how people in another country live. I had friends that were around my age at the time, and two of them, Paula

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