My Family : The Moral Causes Of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is worldwide problem that only seems to get worse with time. Drugs have been used for thousands of years by many different ingenious peoples. Stimulants like tobacco and coca leaves produce different effects than depressants like alcohol but both are highly addictive. Humans emotional habits and experiences create neural path ways of addiction. Our brain starts making these new pathways and before a he or she knows it, something that they enjoyed so much start negatively impacting their lives. Once a person becomes dependent off a drug, it becomes very difficult to get off of because of the horrible withdrawals that follows from quitting. For many people, even without growing up around an environment influenced by drugs or alcohol, some are genetically predisposed to addiction to certain substances. My family is predisposed to alcohol addiction and tobacco addiction. Our environment, childhood, and genetics all individually have a part to play in predisposition to addiction of drugs. When I read the assignment on D2L, I asked my mother about some of my family’s history. All of the story’s led me to write about her older cousin Jack who was a cowboy from Colorado. When Jack was younger he worked on his father’s small ranch where they had a few cows and acres in Eastern Colorado. His family was into the rodeo culture and many of his friend’s smoke and chewed tobacco along with their fathers. Jacks father drank hard liquors pretty frequents but was considered

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