My Family Tree By Vinnie Schmitt

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My Family Tree
Vinnie Schmitt

1. Name: Kelcy "Vinnie" Schmitt, me, myself and I.

DOB: October 21st. 1959 in Los Angeles, moved to Yucaipa CA., Richmond VA., Anchorage AK., Portland OR., Maui HI., Seattle WA,. and San Diego.
DOD: Still here
Education: A.A. in Animal Healthcare Technology, Mesa College San Diego 1998. Mueller College for hypnotherapy 2011.Mental Health Worker certificate City College, San Diego. 2014 and still working on a certificate in Conflict Resolution and Youth and Child Development certificate
Occupation: Hypnotherapist and perpetual student
Spouse: None
Children: None
Never married
Interesting information: I attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey while I was in the U.S. Air Force and learned Mandarin Chinese for six months yet I was told that I wouldn;t qualify for the Top Secret clearence that is required for that job so I was retrained as a dental technician. I was a vet tech getting my schooling over at Mesa College and a hypnotherapist too.

2. Name: Steven Robert Steele, oldest step-brother

DOB December 27th. 1952 In Los Angeles CA., moved to Yucaipa CA., Richmond VA., Tucson AZ., Nottingham U.K. Boulder CO. and Eugene Or.
DOD: Still here
Education: B.A. University of Colorado, Fort Collins in psychology
Occupation: Psychologist social aid, retired
Never married
Interesting information: Very intelligent considered to be years ahead of his time, he predicted pay T.V. way back in the sixties,…

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