My Family Trip to Sin City Essay

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It was days before New Years, when my mom told me that we were going on a Winter Vacation to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I was excited because it was the first time for everything, the first time flying in an airplane, and the first time going out of state. I was about to embark on a new adventure touring “Sin City.”
Furthermore, Las Vegas, also known as “Sin City”, was a twenty-four hour party of a town that never sleeps. As I flew over the Grand Canyon and over the Nevada desert, I couldn’t believe the sight that was right before my eyes. Everywhere I looked I saw flashing fluorescent lights, and buildings that seemed to touch the sky. As I entered the airport the first thing I noticed were people playing on the slot machines, I said, “Mom they have slot machines at the airport too?” she said, “Yes they have slot machines everywhere in Las Vegas.” After that we walked to the baggage claim and I had seen a man holding up a white sign with our last name in bold black letters, he was wearing a black hat and suit; a limo awaited us… As I looked out of the window of the limo, I saw numerous of people walking the entire Vegas Strip taxis, buses speeding, and so much more. I just knew I was going to enjoy this four-day vacation.
Moreover, as I exited the limo I tasted the clean, crisp Nevada air. When I entered the Venetian Hotel and Casino it had a very strong, and strange smell that I have never acquired before, but the elegance of the hotel was so exemplary that my…

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