My Family Unspoken Rules Of Sexual Behavior And Parental View Of Sexuality

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For this activity, I examined my families’ spoken and unspoken rules and their ideas about sexual behaviors. These instructions include rules of sexuality in both public and the private.
In every household, rules are varied depending on the family’s background, ethnicity, belief, and personal/cultural value. While many instructions are being established within our home, there are also the unspoken rules that each member of the family must obey. The unspoken family rules are the expectations from the parents to their children which were not spoken in the home but would be expected to follow. This paper will discuss my family unspoken rules of sexual behavior and the parental view of sexuality. I will explain how the cultural changes within my family over the past years has influenced my parent’s ideas on sexuality and how it affected their expectation for gender roles. The public and private rules of sexual behavior within my family will also be discussed. In addition, I will share my thoughts on what I believe a healthy sexuality is and my Christian viewpoints regarding of this topic.
Human sexuality is a crucial part of human life, but many children are forbidden to explore in sexual activity with their parents. Parents have difference views about sex than their children because both are from the different generation. My parents were born and raised in Thailand where they believe that sex can only be practiced by those who are already married to each other. In the Thai…
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