My Family Vacation

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A vacation is meant to be a time for serenity and relaxation. In my case it was the complete opposite, but it changed me for the better. Five years ago a family vacation to Jamaica changed the way I saw everything and made me appreciate the people I love and where I come from. It all started with the worst airplane ride. About thirty minutes into the ride the flight attendant started going around offering snacks. These purple potato chips caught my eye so that’s what I decided to get. I should have known something so bright couldn’t have been good to eat. I instantly regretted eating the chip after taking a bite out of that awfully weird tasting potato chip because immediately after, I felt a striking pain in my lower abdomen. I tried to relieve the pain by loosening the seat belt buckle. I drank ginger ale, tried to position myself differently to feel less discomfort but nothing helped. My brother was too busy on his I-pad to care, my other brother was too young to formulate proper sentences and my mom was too far gone in her sleep, she couldn’t have been any help fresh out of slumber. I just rocked back and forth releasing “oohs” and “ah’s” here and there because the pain was intolerable. I kept on for the remaining three-hour flight weeping and wincing, trying to keep quiet so I wouldn’t disturb anyone. Landing in Jamaica was supposed to be exciting, but how could I be excited when I was in pain. My mom, two younger brothers and I were waiting for my uncle to arrive and take us to his house, so I took this opportunity to tell my mom what was going on. She believed that it might just be cramps so she buys me two bottles of ginger beer which is like the ginger ale of Jamaica, So I drank and I drank and I drank but nothing happened. My uncle finally arrived after 15 minutes of chugging down the ginger beer. We were settling in my uncle’s house and my mom tried everything she could to make me feel better. She made tea, gave me more ginger beer, and a hot pack for my stomach but nothing worked. After my mom and uncle tried everything they could think of they finally came to the conclusion that it was time to bring me to the doctor.
My visit to the doctor’s office was a different experience from all

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