My Family Values

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The American family has many different functions, all equally important, but I believe one that is crucial in our world is teaching children how to be kind. I believe that kindness is a learned trait, and that human beings are born cruel. Children can be especially cruel before they are taught how to be kind to others. For example, in my elementary school I drew a picture that I thought was rather good, and I gave it to my teacher. When I came back from lunch I was horrified to find out that a boy in my class had added a vulgar addition and had ruined my paper. The boy thought it was funny and he seemed shocked when I started to cry. This experience made me believe that children don’t know when they act cruelly, and that they have to be taught how to be kind. Most of that teaching comes from their home. Of course, school plays an important role in this as well. School teaches lessons on sharing, asking politely, and how to resolve conflict; however, those lessons are more on how to interact appropriately with others in a society. Children usually learn how to actually be kind from their parents and older siblings, and if they don’t learn kindness they might resort to bullying other children in school because that is all they have been taught. I have observed how my family and interactions with my siblings have taught me kindness, and because I was taught to be kind, I believe that it is important for all families to teach their children how to be kind. To understand about
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