My Family 's Case Of John Greg And Michael

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For our film focus, we chose to look at my uncle, John Greg, and his partner Michael and the relation to same-sex marriages and the “white wedding.” In our film, we ponder whether many same-sex weddings defy the traditional standards of an American wedding or if they conform to their own ideas. In my family’s case of John Greg and Michael, they conformed to many of their own concepts, while choosing to keep many of the classic wedding traditions that have been circulating for decades. John Greg and Michael present a fusion wedding, that stands out among many of the other same-sex weddings. Their wedding relates to our course material through Karen Dunak’s book, As Long As We Both Shall Love: Weddings In Postwar America, as she presents a chapter on same-sex marriages. As John Greg and Michael got married recently, their not only being gay, and the choice to marry was completely accepted throughout my family. In addition, John Greg and Michael live in the fairly liberal, New York City. Their story is considered atypical as every single member of the family approved and supported them, honestly and truthfully. John Greg and Michael are considered typical as they maintained many traditions that have been in the “white wedding” for ages, and tweaked many elements to fit their own personalities and needs. John Greg and Michael intersect with the topic of the “white wedding,” and same-sex marriage. The “white wedding” is the long-established American image of the wedding,

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