My Family 's History Has Been Nothing More Than Basic

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My Grand Family 's history has been nothing more than basic. The story of two young lovers who fall in love at a young age, get married and have children. But the real history would lie within my father, a son of the young lovers. My grandparents are great and I love then very much but with their old age their recollection of things fade they only remember the days of when I was a child in vacation in Mexico. They would tell me stories I can recall about church or how a girl chased me around the courtyard trying to kiss me. their own memories almost forgotten. My father 's history is where the family tree begins to flourish where it flowers begin to bloom and where the life we 've had begins. My father is an important part of our family tree 's history as he 's got us to where we are today, he 's gotten through a series of unfortunate events, and he continuities to be the greatest person alive. My family lives here in the US we are all proud to be citizens of this country even with flaws of its own. My father actually went on a journey from Mexico to US with my mother across the border. The reason being was that my father wanted my brother to have a chance at a good life in America where at the time hopes and dreams were made to be possible. He had difficulty getting to the border with many obstacles standing in the way of fate but my father didn 't give up. with his perseverance he kept forward despite my mother 's desire to give up but my father knew the only chance
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