My Family 's Influence On Your Literacy

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(1) a brief biography of your family’s influence on your literacy
In a small city like Tucson, Arizona that is close to the border of Mexico also including myself the education was the biggest problem for many, also including myself. Growing up within my community and race, one of my biggest challenges that I faced in my education was me not being allowing to speak my first language, Spanish, since I started in elementary until now. Many English Second Language Learned tend to forget to speak their first language primary because of the laws that we have within the education. With the ability of having language loss, there is more into the language itself besides being able how to speak the language.
My family 's influence on my literacy affected me in many ways, both positive and negative. Immediately when I was adopted in Mexico, I moved to Tucson, Arizona with my adopted parents and this dramatic change affected my parents and my future siblings as well. Moving to Tucson I do not remember my earliest ages, but my parents always tell me that it was very difficult for them because the primary language is English and they did not know any or enough. My parents’ education is what I believe affected us three at that time because we had no idea what this city’s language was or what we had to prepare ourselves for. The other biggest impact that got me through also has been my younger siblings as well.
My family influenced my own development of literacy through materials and
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