My Family 's Relocation At Norway The Summer After My Sophomore Year

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All my life, I have taken classes in school over topics like math, science, and English. I have even taken courses over United States and world geography, yet nothing would prepare me for my family’s relocation to Norway the summer before my sophomore year. No lesson in school could teach me what I learned by living in a foreign country for over nine months. Vacationing in a different country can only show someone part of the culture. Moving and physically submerging one’s self in that culture for an extended period of time truly lets you see what life is actually like outside of your home country. I had just finished my freshman year of high school and was packing to go to summer camp when the news was given to me that we were moving. I was used to moving. I had done it four times and it did not bother me. Most kids would complain or try to stay, but I knew it was out of my hands. Only when my parents said it we were moving to Norway did I get caught off guard. Norway? Why Norway? What does Norway have to do with my life? I didn’t know but soon found out there was a sector of my dad’s company in Norway. With the new knowledge in my mind, I continued to pack for camp and later that month left for Colorado. I loved going to this summer camp. I was able to go horseback riding and hiking all throughout the Rocky Mountain National Park, but this year was different. My parents were in Norway looking for a new house and school while I was stuck in a wooden cabin in Estes Park,

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