Essay about My Family's Experience with Foreclosure

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Foreclosure is one of the hardest things that a person can be introduced to. It can make a person or break a person, but for me it made me so much stronger. I can truly say I have accomplished much more since getting out of a foreclosure scam at a very young age of 16. Throughout that hard time I just continued to not only motivate myself, but my mother because I understand getting something taken away from you that you have worked hard for can destroy a good person. This is what happened to my family and I, and what we did to overcome it. April 1, 2007 we got the phone call stating we had finally been approved to move into our first family home after 13 years. We were so ecstatic that we immediately started packing that very night. The…show more content…
This lady sat at our dining room table talking to me and my mother about how we were going to sue the man who leased us this home because he was not the full owner of the house. He had some privileges to the home but only financially. We stopped paying our monthly bill for 3 months because foreclosure on the home would mean a immediate termination of our contract. The owner of the home also told us she came because the mortgage on the home had not been paid since May. So not only was the partial owner of the home not informing us of his financial problem but he did not pay the mortgage company the money we gave him and still to this day we do not know where our money is. We soon heard from him around Christmas time but not about the foreclosure. The conversation revolved around if he didn’t get his money what he would do to my family. We were threatened mentally and physically to the point that we changed the locks and immediately started looking for another home. We found out the situation we were in was a scam because we did some research and noticed that we were not the first person he had approached with the same offer but also who lost all of their money in the same home the same way we were. A week before Christmas eve my family received a phone call from the sheriff’s office from a man who was extremely concerned about us. He is the one who told us how
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