My Family's Health History

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Today it is very easy to find out your family health history. All you need to do is talk to some of your family members, or even go online. Every person should know their family health history in order to be prepared and aware of what may or may not happen to them in the future. You want to think everyone in your family is perfect and healthy but in actuality that’s not always the case. Searching through my family health history I found a lot of people were ill with something I did not know they were suffering with. While doing my family history report I found a lot of depression in my family on my mom’s side. This really made me realize I need to look out for her. A family friend and I are very worried about my mother ever since she was…show more content…
Another big topic I saw while reviewing my family history, was anxiety disorders. Again I saw them on my mother’s side, more specifically I saw them on my mother’s father’s side of the family. I was not aware it was so common in many of my distant relatives. I was intrigued by this mysterious topic of anxiety disorders. The topic I chose is Anxiety Disorders. I chose this topic because my Grandpa Gary has a generalized anxiety disorder. This means he has a lot of excessive and extremely unrealistic worry and tension. Often times there is little or nothing provoking the anxiety. Looking back on his side of the family I realized it is a lot more prevalent in many of my distant relatives. Anxiety disorders affect my family constantly. I always thought he was just anti-social, but since I found there is a name for it I am more sympathetic and also very curious about this disease. My Grandpa Gary gets severely stressed in big groups or any time he leaves the house, because of that we don’t see my grandpa or grandma ever. This also puts my grandma through a lot because she loves to go out and visit the entire family but because of Gary she can’t. I want to know what he goes through on the daily so I can understand why he acts the way he does. Since my grandmother gets left out a lot from the outside world she often time gets extremely lonely which
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