My Family's Health Project

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The most prominent diseases in my family include hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. These diseases are mostly related to poor eating habits and inactivity, which is also prominent amongst members of my family. In order to control my risk for these diseases I would need to maintain a balanced diet and a regular exercise program. In my last Physical Education class we had to make a wellness change and document these changes within our ‘Wellness Journals’. My wellness goal was to increase my water intake to six to eight classes a day and eventually count down on my soda drinking. I successfully reached my wellness goal I have not stopped with my wellness plan to increase my water intake. I haven’t drank a soda since 2012 and that was a big step for me, however I am still not satisfied as a belief and can but more of an effort into my diet and exercise regime. My wellness plan to increase my water intake worked very well for me; therefore in order to improve my overall health and lessen the risks of the prominent health diseases in my family, I am going to create a wellness plan for my diet and exercise program. This plan should help me gradually increase my intake of fruits and vegetables and help with my discipline toward my exercise program. I know diet and exercise takes a lot of time but having a plan and a set goal helps you become used to the set regiment overtime. It is also less stressful because one can slowly introduce new foods into my diet or
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