My Family's Impact On A Family And Human Development

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Family is the first group of people a child sees when it exits the womb. A family’s presence is the last feeling that the body experiences as it is placed below the earth’s soil. The family is essential to human development because of its early presence in a person’s life and its continued effect on a human throughout life. Family affects the four domains which are physical, emotional, social, and cognitive, also key concepts within the lifespan theory, ecological systems theory, and psychosocial theory influence family. Explanations on as to how family, in specifically my family, is impacted or impacts my human development will be featured in the essay. To begin, the type of family that I am living in is a nuclear family. I live with both parents, one sister, and my grandmother. When it comes to occupations, my mother is a Housekeeping Manager, and my dad is an Exceptional Children’s Teacher Assistant. Both of my parents have two-year degrees from Community College and both are practicing Christians. My mom is very outgoing while my dad is outgoing when the situation calls upon him to be, also my parents are immigrants from the country of Haiti and have a deep pride in their Haitian culture. Lastly, my sister is mentally disabled and this has benefitted my family in some ways, but it has also created some struggle for us emotionally because we constantly think about her well-being and we are always having to remember that we should interact with her the same way we would
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