My Father : A Short Story

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My father was a high-functioning alcoholic for the vast majority of his life. However, nobody seemed to notice, not me, not my mother, not his friends, nobody. I did not know that people had parents who did not drink daily. It was not until halfway through my freshman year of high school when my parents announced their sudden divorce to my siblings and me that I ever questioned if he was okay. I think the divorce pushed him from being functional to someone I no longer recognized. He quit his job and began mixing the alcohol with pills. He would leave the house without telling anyone, a few times he would come back home with a black eye that he did not care to explain. None of us ever dared to speak of his bizarre absences, we ignored it…show more content…
He hit his head really hard,” my mom’s voice broke as she continued, ”he died”. The second that sentence came out everything went foggy. I did not cry. I was waiting for someone to say it was a joke, but that never came. My brother was instantly sobbing and I just wrapped my arms as tight as I could around him and did not let go. Everyone was staring right at me and my siblings with tears in their eyes not saying a word. My mind was racing a million miles a second but I could not formulate a single thought. I was told that I was in shock. I am sure that I was. How could I not be? None of this seemed real; if I was to be completely honest, it still does not seem real.
I slept in the same room as my mom and siblings that night, although nobody got much sleep. We all just layed in the dark, in silence. I had hot tears running down my mascara stained face but I laid still as to not disturb any of them. Eventually the sun came up and everybody in the house got out of started making calls in a zombie-like-state. I texted my friends to let them know what happened and received back countless apologies that did nothing to help me. The next few days are all blurred together in my head. I remember answering lots of phone calls, but I could not get through any of them without my sobs getting in the way of my voice. People brought over food, I never ate it. I hugged more people than I could count. I got messages from people who have not spoken to me
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