My Father: An Influential Person In My Life

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Who is the most influential person in your life? Most of us would say our father, mother and maybe girlfriend or boyfriend. Mine would be no different. My father has this capacity or power of affecting me without any direct or apparent effort. The most influential person in my life beyond a shadow of a doubt is my father. There are a lot of people who said a perfect father does not exist. Well, they have never been so wrong. Maybe not all fathers in the world are perfect but mine definitely is. My father is an exceptional person. I love everything about my old man, the way he speaks, he behaves and they way he moves are beyond perfection in my eyes. I am immensely proud to have the chance to be his son, I felt like I am this small present of a great person he is. Now, sit back and let me describe how great my father was so you will know how special he is. My father was 39 years old when I was born, as my parents were married quite late. He would be 61 years old by now. My father was working in a bank, AmBank to be precise before he retired in 2008.…show more content…
He was only around 5 feet 3 inches tall. When I was in form 4, I began to grow taller than him. Because of that, I always made fun of him but he never got angry at me before not even once. You would always find my father with his glasses unless he was reading newspaper. My father looked like how most typical Chinese men would look like, fair skin, round face, small brown eyes and black curly hair. When it comes to his body, my father was a bit flabby and plump. He had this small belly fat that most of the men after 40 have due to losses of muscle tissue or muscle mass. He did not work out much, the only exercise he did was the once a blue moon brisk walking after dinner. I can describe every physical attributes of my father more comprehensively but it will end up being some of the same attributes of any other man in the

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