My Father Being An Engineer

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My father being an engineer in Bangladesh Air force, watching MIG-29 and other supersonic jets soaring up in the sky was a very common experience for me in my childhood. Being a child with tremendous curiosity, unlike other kids I was accustomed to asking “how” rather than exclaiming “wow”. This curious nature of mine led me to know about the engineers, the builders of modern civilization. Since then, the idea of being an engineer, being able to play with the laws of physics and unveiling the unknowns have always been a driving force in my life. My curiosity for machines and the way they operate gave rise to my inclination towards mathematics and science. To encourage me, once one of my teachers gifted me a copy of Euclid 's “Elements”. This book was a great source of motivation for me and bolstered my interest in mathematics and geometry. As a result, back in school I worked relentlessly on improving my math and science skills. Eventually I grew a knack for solving challenging mathematical problems. Due to my academic excellence, I was nominated to participate in different competitions (Math and Physics Olympiad) on behalf of my college and obtained 1st prize in “Inter college Math Olympiad” for two consecutive years. Through hard work and determination I excelled at every step of my primary and secondary education life and always ranked among the top students. My true journey in the field of engineering started when after passing a very competitive…
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