My Father Christina Reyes Analysis

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My mother, Cristina Reyes, has always led an eventful life. At 36, she has seen and experienced more than a lot of people have in their entire life. I sat down with her for an interview that was at turns reflective and funny. With this conversation, the true hardships that summon grit and perseverance will hopefully help to deepen the understanding of what those words really entail. As a baby, my mother immigrated to California from Mexico with her family. As you can probably guess, life as the fourth child of immigrant parents was difficult and paved with countless obstacles. Poverty always crept in the background and their foreign tongues could not always grasp the strange new English words. Despite these challenges, school offered a place to dream of more. Education beckoned with its visions of what life could be. Through these struggles, the biggest lesson that transmitted itself through the years was that through hard work and dedication, you can lift yourself up to wherever you want to be. As life progressed for my mother and she entered into her teenage years, life had more challenges in store. The death of my grandfather occurred when she …show more content…

Her strength and grit has always inspired me. This becomes especially true when I ask if there is anything that she especially wants me to mention; she says two particularly insightful things that touch on her experiences in life: “Being an immigrant and never living in my home country, I always thought I didn't have a place, really not from here or there. I have come to realize that your home is where you feel you belong” and “No matter where you've come from or what you've experienced, life gets better and you must hope and work for something better”. Through this interview, I have learned exactly what it has been like in my mother’s life and how she has used her strength to get through incredible

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