My Father Is A Holy Feeling

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, then quite, no use being a damn fool about it (W.C. Fields). I come from a big family with nine sisters and 3 brothers, and to see all of them educated and love to go to school makes me really happy. My little brother and sister’s wakes up with agitation and excitement to go to school. I come from a family where both of my parents did not attend school, no high school diploma, and no certificate and to see both mom and dad pushing me to be the best at what I’m good at is a holy feeling. Mom and Dad were not born in the united states my mom was born in Somalia and my dad was born Yemen, when I’m goof of time I ask my parents how was school like back In the days and they tell me how lucky I am going to school because they did not have the money and the freedom to attend school therefor she pushes me to become better than my father because my father did not attend school either. I’m pretty sure if my parents were eligible in going to school they would have went, but the time and place wasn’t right. Aside from where I’m from a mom who yells at me when I bring back a D or an F, a mom who pushes me to go to school every day, a mom who disciplines me is a mom that I love. You cant forget my dad , my dad also teaches me to respect others and sometimes in life you are going to struggle but a father teaches you to never stop trying even though you keep failing. When im struggling in school I think of it like this , my dad struggles
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