My Father Is An Alcoholic

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My Father is an alcoholic. I have been driven drunk by him several times. One of these times, I was scared for my life. He is known for doing awful things. In my family I have always been the most forgiving. Even after this, I forgave him. Other moments like this occur often, and as of right now my relationship with my father is not very good. This is why I am writing this essay. To express my anger in a nonviolent manner.
It was February, 2013. My mother was out for her birthday, and in this point in time my mom and I trusted my dad. He had been sober for a year. As a father should, he drove me to my hockey game. The game was in Addison Illinois which is about fifty minutes away from my house. He was sober and everything was normal. The game went fine. Then I looked at the benches and my dad was nowhere to be found. I thought nothing of it and carried on with playing.
The game ended and I got undressed. I could not find my dad so I went to the parking lot. He was in his car, parked right outside the rink. I threw my hockey bag in the trunk and entered the car. I sat right next to him in the passenger seat. Right away I noticed something was up. He started to drive, and got onto the highway. He began to talk about how my coach is bad. Using as many curse words as possible he criticized him in a way not worth repeating. I wondered what he was thinking. He made me feel very uncomfortable. As if it was not bad enough he started to say how he wants to fight, hurt, maybe even…

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