My Father Is My Dad

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My father is not a father. technically sure he’s a father, but in every other meaning of the word he is not. My dad made my life miserable at a young age by acting like a teenager and forcing me to be responsible. At the same time, I learned what is really important in life and I have learned from his mistakes. He changed my life for the better.
My dad was never meant to be a dad. He still acts like a teenager even today.
My father got a factory job right out of high school and moved up the ranks to supervisor, a high paying job, when I was born. he decided to quit seven years later after not getting the manager position he wanted, without having a backup plan. He then became depressed. He was doing nothing and became depressed over the next two years during this time he became a drug user. He became dependent on my mother for money and wasted her money on useless or random stuff. My father was not receiving unemployment and he refused to get a job, so we suffered because of this. We could not qualify for many government programs because most require both parents to be working or receiving unemployment. My family has been balancing on tightrope over since. I have to mature to quickly because my dad was not acting like a dad. He would sleep the day away, and when he would get up, he would just be an ass. I was left with the responsibility of taking care of myself and my one and two year old siblings without any help. I learned how to parent and be an adult. I learned

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