My Father Killed Himself And I Became A Lesbian Cartoonist

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“Caption: My father killed himself and I became a lesbian cartoonist.” That opening line captivated my peers and me and brought us into the wild ride that was Fun Home the musical. Based off of Alison Bechdel’s comic-style novel by the same name, the musical became a Broadway sensation. Only labeled as “Based on,” the musical does an incredible job staying true to the novel. While alike in a significant number of ways, the musical’s focus is more towards the side of Alison’s growing up and learning about her sexuality than her father. As a child in both mediums, Alison is the stereotypical child, happy and innocent, in a family not so stereotypical. The musical exaggerated this innocence and happiness to develop the main character more. The novel never did this; it just jumped right into the sexuality of the father without really expressing the character that was Alison. Even when the novel jumps back to child Alison, the innocent aspect of Alison is close to nonexistent since the father is the purpose of the novel. When the musical jumps to child Alison however, there is some aspect or characteristic of Alison’s developing life Kron and Tesori hope to explore more, which they do in excellent fashion. The child version of Alison and her tomboyish mannerisms is fleshed out more in the musical than the novel simply because the novel was written about the father instead of Alison herself. As she is growing up in the musical, there is more focus on Alison’s teenage and college
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