My Father Of His Brother

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My dad took care of his brother as if he was his child after his mom died, when he was 12. His dad wasn’t around when he was a kid. As a result he was raised by his great grandmother and had to move around a lot, and had to changed schools. Always looking at the silver lining through the toughest things in his life. He didn 't have much family support as a child, consequently his grades weren 't very good, but he stuck with it He left swannanoa to join the army. he excelled at the army because it was the first time in his life was recognized for doing good. He became a sargeant in only four years of service. He made it as far as possible until they made him leave because he had to go to college. After he left he met my mom and she helped him out because he was a little of a brute. Since then he has to work very hard in his job to support the family, and he worked for years to perfect his wood working. As it has shown in my paper he had a tough life but persevered through it until now and still is going. As a child it was probably the hardest in his life Ingram my grandfather’s father wouldn’t come home much but when he did he brought a smile home with him. His father would bring ordinary clothes to work which was the coal mine. They had a bath house there so he would be clean when he came home. Other wise he was as black as coal. His mother was a hard working strong lady. She taught him to be in charge of his chores. He grew up where no one really had money where he grew

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